Thursday, November 25, 2010

Malaysia Patch v1.3

This patch made to meet the compatibility with Patch PESEdit 0.4

General Feature:
*All features from PESEdit 0.4

Added Features by RaZoR:
*Added Malaysia in Asia Team
*Added Malaysia Super League (14 Club)
*New Malaysia Home & Away Kit
*Real player name for all MSL clubs
*75 Scanned face for MSL player
*Play Master League using Malaysia Premier League Club
*RTM1 TV logo (work with 16:9 screen only)
*New player face (Maradona, Batistuta, Romario, Pele, Cantona, Zidane, Cafu, Dunga, Ben Khalifa, Borini, Kakuta, Neymar, Bruma, Pirlo, Eduardo)
*Special Hair Mode by Hawke
*New formation icon
*Unlock all in Extra Content



Anonymous said...

how to install this patch? i tried it so many times but didn't stucked after "press any button" stage...i followed all the steps u stated above...
can u please explain the installation steps in more detail?

Anonymous said...

I also hv d same prob. I already installed pesedit 0.4. I just copy & replace the files that hv in the MAS patch in the KONAMI. It didn't work well

Anonymous said...

it didn't work at all for me...can't play...

the don hafis said...

bro..kt mna leh dptkn ballpack baru..ball yg lma da borink la..cite ckit...

aza said...

ps3 punya takda ka?

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