Sunday, April 17, 2011

Foursquare theme

bersempena hari f4 semalam..aku nk share theme bagi peminat2 foursquare semua.hehe...

This is the best theme i used before

Features :
All icon, battery dan signal menggunakan badge foursquare

Read more to download

For OS5

For OS6

Credits: Wongkitos


shahjiehan said...

samapi jugak hg kat blog aku! aku dok main pes MSL 2010 kot!! hahahhaa....

terharu aku!! ni aku nk ajar 1 benda..buat la...

jom baca dan komen Tutorial buang verification

Business Loans said...

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Anonymous said...

brooo..bile nk update MSL n EPL skali..???

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